Top 5 new WhatsApp features in 2022

Top 5 new WhatsApp features in 2022

More than five billion people worldwide are currently using the WhatsApp.And he’s going to tell about WhatsApp everyday considered a necessity in life and has become a necessity that we very much need in daily almost come that features five of you to come in 2022 today after which I know you will be happy once.Here are five features that are of great benefit to you. I use these features myself. I would say that there is no point in running WhatsApp if you do not have these 5 features in WhatsApp.


Media visibility

We are using WhatsApp in our daily life to use WhatsApp for relationship, as well as we send a photo to a man and a man can send his photos to us. And what happens to the video is that whatever photos or videos in the servant is sailed in our gallery, WhatsApp has given us this feature to avoid it.The advantage of this is that if we use it, any photos or videos in our WhatsApp will not be in our gallery without our permission, which will save our memory.


Disappearing message

Understand this WhatsApp second feature feature so amazing that WhatsApp heart if asked for this feature will be nothing wrong WhatsApp This feature feature quite amazing what you can do through the  I tell.

Watts If we do so with your friends using SMS if you want it to be a message that you do 24 hours a week from your mobile you can use it to delete automatically.


Once view feature

This feature is of special chicks can also use this guy can use it, but it is made for special chicks if she Photo Sand and after seeing the photo that says does not delete the photos to be deleted and the next person has to avoid Picture WhatsApp will send you a photo so he will only be.


Notification reaction

WhatsApp fourth this feature, which will leave your message Send this feature recently when I gain from this is the launch of any person to WhatsApp I would be happy WhatsApp hold the message would you click on the message above the toll much show emoji.Thus you will find the answer to any message in the form of emoji.


Photo upload quality

This feature of WhatsApp is the most important feature. With this feature, you can send photos to any person. The photos are not sent in good quality, but if you use this feature, then the photos which are not sent in good quality. It will be sent in good quality and the next person will be very happy to see it as you will be able to send your photo in the best quality.


In this article you tell five WhatsApp feature with full detail which I think were it not for the WhatsApp WhatsApp was incomplete I myself use this WhatsApp teachers and through  My life has been very prosperous.


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